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Children of Wounded Warriors provides grants to children that are in need of funds for immediate and direct assistance for activities that renew their mind and spirits. The grants awarded are $250 up to $500 max a year. Applicants can apply twice a year
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Address:3362 Turtle Cove  West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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CAMP provides year-round programming for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Central to each program is the provision of support. This ensures that everyone, regardless of his or her medical or behavior needs, will be able to participate in all programs. CAMP’s goal is to help every individual reach their maximum potential. All of the activities at CAMP are adapted to  accommodate the special needs of each CAMPer, allowing them to be successful in each program.
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Address:PO Box 27086  San Antonio, TX 78227
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Booklet on Post Deployment Stress - What Families Should Know, What Families Can Do
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Address:810 Vermont Avenue NW Washington, DC USA
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Dedicated to enhancing the lives of the men and women of the Coast Guard and their families. The Coast Guard Foundation provides education, support and relief for the brave men and women, who enforce maritime law, protect our homeland and preserve the environment.
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Address:394 Taugwonk Road  Stonington, CT 06378
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Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is a non-profit charitable organization established to provide financial aid to the entire Coast Guard family. Its mission is to promote the financial stability and general well being of Coast Guard people through interest-free loans, grants, and financial counseling.
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Address:4200 Wilson Blvd Suite 610 US Coast Guard Stop 7180 Arlington, VA 20598
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For all warriors needing healing there are some key factors that apply universally. Combat PTSD stems from dangerous situations where their or their comrades’ lives/health were at stake.  Most combat veterans with PTSD had multi-traumas rather than just one traumatic incident.  The following information on PTSD anecdotes was provided to me by a fellow Vietnam veteran who was wounded in Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman assigned to the Marines.  After the case study for each war, there will be suggesti...
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Address: P O Box 796862 Dallas, Texas 75379-6862
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Combat Marine Outdoors provides Dream Hunts and Outdoor Adventures for severely wounded Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Navy Corpsmen.  It is our hope that our outdoor fellowship will aid in their vision for an exciting future.
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Address:6610 Malibu Dr.  Houston, TX 77092
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Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) is a program that was created for disability and non-disability military retirees with combat-related disabilities.  It is a tax free entitlement that you will be paid each month along with any retired pay you may already be receiving. Main Page has links for Navy, Marines and Air Force to download forms and information on eligibility.
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Address:1600 Spearhead Division Avenue U.S. Army Human Resources Command Fort Knox, KY 40122
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Combat Stress and Recovery is the expanded initiative of Wounded Warrior Project community outreach. Program page offers general information for combat stress and treatment and assistance options.
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Address:4899 Belfort Rd Ste 300 Jacksonville, FL 32256
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Whether the reader is a Christian or not, this book is a "Must Read" for anyone suffering from or involved with PTSD! Chris Adsit, a biology major and Christian counselor, explains the physical and mental aspects of PTSD better than anyone! Chris explains the traumatic situations as if he experienced them himself. He explains how the mind processes trauma in layman's terms, rather than medical jargon. Chris' explanations help the victim and family members understand the triggers that cause flash...
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