In 2008, Sunshine After Rain Ministries began their participation in Wounded Warrior Getaways for soldiers and their families sponsored by Joni and Friends (an international ministry serving the disabled community). Through the years, we have remained in contact with the soldiers and now count many of our nation’s finest heroes as friends. Again and again, we have heard the frustration facing families as they tried to get help in a crisis. In 2013, during a conversation with a discouraged wife, a seed took root and the idea for Battle-Buddy.Info was born.

Knowing the aggravation that comes with navigating many of the larger resource sites, we wanted to build a simple, intuitive site that would allow Vets to directly access pertinent site materials without wading through a mountain of pre-qualification pages or applications only to find out programs had long waiting lists, insufficient funding, location restrictions, or a host of other disqualifiers.  We wanted a Pre-Vetted list of providers that we knew could assist Vets quickly and with minimal frustration.


We began with a half-dozen volunteers - Vets, Caregivers, and others with a heart for our nation's warriors along with a grant from a local donor.  The original list was approximately 300 providers and resources, but we continue to add organizations monthly.  Our site traffic exceeds 10,000 per month and is growing daily; volunteers around the country distribute Battle-Buddy Info cards at events and gatherings; and our twitter network hits on average 50K each month.  Along with our Veterans and Caregivers, our followers and supporters include media personalities, politicians, sports figures, and a host of high profile individuals - all who share a common goal of giving back to those who have given so much - our military men and women.


We are an all volunteer group.  We want to express our sincere appreciation to all of the workers, Vets, Caregivers, and all those who have helped us grow our network, and to our resources who have assisted our Warriors in time of need.

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
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