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Combat Trauma Healing Manual
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Whether the reader is a Christian or not, this book is a "Must Read" for anyone suffering from or involved with PTSD! Chris Adsit, a biology major and Christian counselor, explains the physical and mental aspects of PTSD better than anyone! Chris explains the traumatic situations as if he experienced them himself. He explains how the mind processes trauma in layman's terms, rather than medical jargon. Chris' explanations help the victim and family members understand the triggers that cause flashbacks, depression, and other symptoms. Most importantly, he explains that there is healing through discussion and support. Christians will appreciate the encouraging Bible verses spread throughout the book. Non-Christians, will gain greater insight as to why such evil occurs and that God does not condone or allow such evil to occur, man commits evil. Lastly, Chris provides victims with an understanding that what their country required of them should not equal guilt or shame for the combat actions they were forced to take. (Reader Review)

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