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Veterans Dental Health | New Mouth
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Veterans are more likely to develop general health conditions, certain cancers, and mental illnesses than non-veterans. These conditions can also lead to poor oral health issues, such as cavities, gum disease, and other oral infections. In particular, long-term exposure to harmful chemicals (e.g. herbicides and asbestos) and explosions impact a veteran’s general and oral health greatly. Vets are also more likely to experience chronic pain, joint pain, and organ-related issues. Lastly, mental health illnesses are also common in vets, which can result in poor oral and general health outcomes over time. Sometimes, health conditions do not manifest until long after retirement.
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Area Of Focus:Educating on Dental Issues
Other:Website has extensive information on effects of military service on veterans dental health

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Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
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