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Vietnam Veteran Wives
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Vietnam Veteran Wives, a 501(c)19 Non-Profit Veterans Service Organization, has been created to reach out to Veterans, their spouses and families. The time has come to take a stand. Vietnam Veteran Wives was created by the wife and widow of a Vietnam Veteran, who saw a much needed area for improvement, concerning subjects such as: Benefits for spouses and children, VA Claims, PTSD issues, DIC claims, informing veterans of what benefits are available to them and to their families, after their time in service. In addition to bringing to light the fact that the VA system leaves the Spouse and families of Veterans behind when it comes to services they provide.


Vietnam Veteran Wives is working hard to provide counselors for both individual and families, claims filing, making arrangements for transportation to local VAMC’s, conducting “Stand-Downs” for veterans in rural areas to provide much needed clothing, blankets and socialization for Vets and their families. To provide a resource for Veterans and their spouse’s to turn to for guidance as to the question “where do we go from here”.


One of the main issues is the fact that during “out processing” most veterans do not obtain the knowledge of what is available to them. Vietnam Veteran Wives steps in here to be a solid backbone for the voices of Veterans and their families to turn to for that much needed knowledge and support.


Although the name is Vietnam Veteran Wives it is much more than that. Vietnam Veteran Wives is available to All Veterans and their Families. It doesn’t matter if you were in during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Granada, Beirut, Bosnia, Somalia, Persian Gulf, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom; Vietnam Veteran Wives is here for you.


Vietnam Veteran Wives works 100% with, and for all veterans throughout America. We network with women across America to determine the needs of our veterans and to establish the truth.

Address:12 Trout Creek Rd  Republic, WA 99166
Area Of Focus:Vietnam era but also assisting with all conflicts, to connect with family issues in rural areas
Other:Website also provides links to VA Website for various forms

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