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Canine Companions for Independence
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Canine Companions for Independence is recognized by the VA as an accredited assistance dog provider. Canine Companions and the VA want to help injured veterans understand the benefits an assistance dog might be able to provide them.


We train 4 types of assistance dogs: Service Dogs, Facility Dogs, Skilled Companions; Hearing Dogs.


However, Canine Companions does not train or place dogs for the following; to do guide work for the blind, to do seizure or diabetic alert/response, to anticipate or detect medical symptoms, for the primary benefit of emotional comfort or social support, to recognize and/or manage undesirable human behavior, to provide supervision, navigation, or safety from environmental hazards, to respond aggressively, to provide personal protection, to assist with the management of mental illness as a primary condition.


The application process lasts between 3 - 6 months, on average, before an applicant can be accepted into the Canine Companions' program. If accepted, the candidate moves to the waiting list, which can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 ½ years.

Once accepted as a candidate, Canine Companions trains the students how to effectively work an assistance dog during a short and intense two-week period called Team Training. These are held at each of Canine Companions training centers. Canine Companions instructors will only graduate a student with an assistance dog if they feel that person can safely and effectively handle and care for the dog on their own or with the assistance of a facilitator or training assistant.

Address:PO Box 446  Santa Rosa, CA 95401-0446
Area Of Focus:Service Dogs with training at Regional Training Centers
Other:Contact through email form on Website

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