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A War of Nerves
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For many years, Greg Hardin's cries for help have been silenced by injustice.  He is a wounded vet, having served on the front lines of the Cold War as a nuclear missile systems analyst.  As he worked on the machinery of the apocalypse, death was his moment-by-moment reality.  With the Doomsday clock ticking at four and three minutes to midnight, he was never certain whether the call to launch was merely a drill or the end of the world as we knew it.  In the aftermath of that trauma, as he fell prey to the ravages of PTSD, apathetic legal and health care systems, his once promising future abruptly faded before his eyes.


Now, in his riveting book, Greg Hardin's voice resonates for those who cannot speak. His account decries the injustices of the government when dealing with our wounded and disabled vets, and assures this often "forgotten population" that they are not alone. When islands unite, continents are formed.

Area Of Focus:Personal memoir of a veteran navigating through the world with PTSD

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