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Voices for Veterans
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Having trouble getting answers from officials that should be there to help? Or maybe you just need a place to vent. Bring your issues here whether it be VA related, benefits, employment, G.I. bill, food, clothing, or a place to sleep for the night, anything under the sun that you can't seem to get help with. Ask a fellow Veteran for "advice", since so many resource systems that are in place seem to fail most at their time of need, here is a chance for each one of us to give back when possible. This page is for "ADVICE ONLY
Area Of Focus:Community of online support for veterans with wide topic of issues can post to the Facebook
Other:Facebook page is for community to interact and meet needs others may have encountered in transition to civilian life

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Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of  Sunshine After Rain Ministries 10024 Regal Park Lane Suite 217 Dallas TX 75230 972-974-2638 Connect :facebook  Twitter

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
4900 S Lancaster  Dallas TX  75216