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A Circle of Warriors
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A Circle Of Warriors is a non-profit organization created for the Combat Veteran and their family. Our specialization is in Combat Associated PTSD and the wide array of effects it has on all Combat Veterans and their families. We are also here to facilitate all of the rest of their needs, from A to Z. The Combat Veteran who has returned from war is carrying with them something that they did not have when they left for war. Whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, they have brought something back with them that they need help in facilitating and dealing with. It is our goal to provide this service to them, and if we are not able to do so in our own facility, we want to be able to provide a flawless referral service to them.
Address:81 N 2nd Street  San Jose, CA 95113
Area Of Focus:SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA area, Counseling services , inter-agency help with homeless, education and legal matters, Office location open 2 hours every Friday
Other:24/7 response for requests. Online resources for PTSD, TBI, as well as

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Non-Profit Organization 24/7 Availability

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of  Sunshine After Rain Ministries 10024 Regal Park Lane Suite 217 Dallas TX 75230 972-974-2638 Connect :facebook  Twitter

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
4900 S Lancaster  Dallas TX  75216  214-372-8896