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Army Wife Network
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Army Wife Network (AWN) was opened in April 2009 as the umbrella that joined what was previously known as Army Wife Talk Radio (AWTR) and Field Problems™ (FP). The website holds true to its tagline “Interactive Empowerment for Army Wives” by featuring Field Exercise™ events, AWTR podcast, FP Live chat feature, featured columns, Loving A Soldier (LAS) blog, military shopping links, resource database, post directory, interactive toolbar, and social media galore!
Address:2650 FM 407 E 145/152  Bartonville, TX 76226
Area Of Focus:Army Wives
Branch Of Service:Army
Other:While the name is Army Wife Network, useful information for all branches can be accessed on this multi-function site

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Caring For Caregiver Non-Profit Organization

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of  Sunshine After Rain Ministries 10024 Regal Park Lane Suite 217 Dallas TX 75230 972-974-2638 Connect :facebook  Twitter

Battle- Buddy Info is the military based initiative of Sunshine After Rain Ministries
4900 S Lancaster  Dallas TX  75216